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Hindutva Terrorism:RELOOK MAKKA MASJID CASE, by Syed Ali Mujtaba, 3 June 2010 Print E-mail

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New Delhi, 3 June 2010

Hindutva Terrorism


By Syed Ali Mujtaba


With the arrest of some persons belonging to Hindu extremist organization for their involvement in the Malegoan Muslim graveyard bomb blast, the Samjutha Express train blast and the Ajmer Dargah blast, the ugly face of Hindutva terrorism has been unmasked. 


The probe into these blasts making some headway clearly points a pan India Hindu terror structure operating in the country, a fact so far the Government and we the people has refused to accept.    


In the series of these blasts targeting Muslims, there is also the case of the bomb blast that took place in Hyderabad at Makkah Masjid on 18th May 2007, but the investigation of this case has hardly made any breakthrough. The kin of the deceased are observing the third anniversary of the dead in the hope that the long arm of the State may one day reach the real conspirators and bring them to justice.    


The blast took place at the historic Makka Masjid located in the old city of Hyderabad, which left five Muslims praying in the mosque dead and scores  injured. Subsequently, those Muslims who were helping the blast victims to be taken to the hospitals were fired upon by the police that killed nine of them. The probe of these two incidents is gathering dust and no one is sure when the truth will come out in this case and when the guilty may be punished.


The Makkah Masjid blast is a unique case among all the blast cases in India. This is because the victim and suspect in this case both happen to be the Muslims. First the blast killed the innocent Muslims who were praying, which was followed by the police firing that killed those Muslims who were helping the blast victims reach hospitals.


There were more Muslims killed in police firing than in the bomb blast. Subsequently, in the name of investigation, the police targeted innocent Muslim youths arresting hundreds and harassing and torturing them. 


A fact-finding committee of civil liberties group comprising of some eminent citizens of Hyderabad probed the two incidents and came out with a report, which is worth considering for long-term national security purposes. The panel clearly stated that the blast was the handiwork of the extremist Hindutva forces and the firing was ordered by some anti-Muslim police officers within the rank and file of the State police.


The committee particularly mentions the name of the then additional commissioner of police, Rajiv Trivedi and inspector Ramchandran who played an important role in feeding the name of one Shahed Bilal, a Bangladeshi responsible for the blast. The report further says that some police officers were misguiding the investigation by registering two cases for a single offence, one for bombs that got exploded and another for those unexploded. They handed over the case of the exploded bombs to the CBI and kept the other case with themselves.


The committee also lampooned the print and electronic media, especially the regional press, the Telugu media that has played a negative role, publishing and telecasting false stories by depicting Muslim youths as terrorists in this case. In fact, within five minutes of the blast the electronic media drummed up the name of Shahed Bilal, citing reference of the officers. It further  reported that Bilal triggered the bomb from Bangladesh through his cell phone. As for the print media, it published the story that Bilal celebrated the blast by distributing sweets while sitting in Bangladesh.


Since then three years have elapsed and tragically there is absolutely no clue to the investigators who committed the blast at the Makkah Masjid. Initial suspicion fell on the Muslims and they were arrested and harassed. Subsequently, the court exonerated them from all the charges due to lack of  evidence.    


Here, it needs to be recalled that last year when Union Home Minister, PC Chidambaram, visited Hyderabad and was asked about the investigation into the Makkah Masjid blast case, he said the main accused, Shahed Bilal had died and the case has turned cold! Sadly, the statement reflects the commitment towards the issues of national security.


Well, now that it has been established that the Hindutva terrorists are active in the country, and had an explicit role in the Malegoan Muslim graveyard bomb blast, the Samjutha Express train blast, and the Ajmer Dargah blast, it is time the probe into the Makkah Masjid bomb blast be ordered afresh with new leads emerging from other such cases.


There is a growing feeling among a section of the society that the lethargic attitude of the investigators and their non-committal attitude to crack this case, has led to innocent persons being targeted as against the culprits, who are merrily roaming freely. This apart, it is being felt that the biggest conspiracy of the Hindutva terrorists is to make use of their sympathizers among the police personnel to serve their nefarious ends. These terrorists are posing the greatest threat to national security and if their activities are not checked now, like the Maoist, they may become uncontrollable.


Moreover, the police firing that took place immediately after the blast, the Andhra Pradesh Government had constituted the Bhaskar Rao commission to investigate the incident. Even after three years, the Commission has failed to submit its report. This shows the panel’s non-seriousness to lead an unbiased probe of the police firing and that its negligent attitude is shielding the guilty officers from being indicted.


Now when Hindutva terrorism has been exposed, there is an urgent need for handing over these two cases to the CBI. The investigating agency should  expose the real face of the Hindutva terror operatives and arrest them. The CBI should also investigate the nexus of Hindutva terrorists and some anti-Muslim police officers who had ordered firing on the armless people.


The investigation should in fact expose that there are many Hindutva sleeper cells in the country and suggest how to confront with such kind indoctrinated people who are on the prowl to kill and create mayhem in the country. 


Importantly, when the courts are exonerating Muslim youth arrested for the Makkah Masjid bomb blast, the Government should take stringent action against the police officers responsible for the illegal detention, harassment, torture and arrest of these innocent youth. Besides, the Government should clearly direct the police to stop labeling the Muslim community as terrorists once and for all.


It should also direct the police to stop terrorizing people in the name of red alert, checking on the roads, and all unnecessary actions in the Muslim-populated areas. Additionally, both the Government and the police should change their attitude towards the RSS and its allied outfits and keep a tab on the activities appropriately. 


The Bhaskar Rao Commission should be activated immediately and asked to submit its report within a time-frame. More so, at a time when the inland national security is under threat from different actors, and this new facet of Hindutva terrorism that is creeping into the body and soul of India is posing a grave danger to the country. An ostrich like attitude towards this fact, may likely to bleed India for times to come. –INFA

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