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Economic Highlights 2007
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Sustaining High Growth Rate…:BUT WHERE IS THE INFRASTRUCTURE?, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,26 December 200 4349
Public Sector Companies:LOOK BEYOND DISINVESTMENTS, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 4839
Reduce Reliance On Fossil Fuels:NEW ENERGY POLICY NEEDED,by Dr. Vinod Mehta,5 December 2007 4170
Creating More Jobs:URGENT NEED FOR STRATEGY, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,29 November 2007 4230
Rethinking Agriculture:STATES NEED COMMON FOCUS, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,21 November 2007 4064
Mounting Subsidies:NEED FOR STREAMLINING, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,14 November 4071
International Firms Arrive:INDIANS, BUILD UP BRANDS, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 7 November 2007 4029
Innovation Key To Success:URGENT NEED TO FOCUS ON R&D, by Dhurjati Mukherjee,1 November 2007 4065
Building Bridges With South-East:MULTI-LAYERED STRATEGY NEEDING, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 25 October 07 4013
Govt’s Non-Productive Expenditure:CUT FLAB OF BULGING BUREAUCRACY, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,18 Oct 07 4180
Sick Industries:ALLOW TAKEOVER OF UNITS,by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 10 October 2007 4824
Explore Export Potential:BEWARE UNJUST MILK PRACTICES,Dr. Vinod Mehta,3 October 2007 4236
The MRP Scandal:CONSUMERS TAKEN FOR A RIDE, by Dr.Vinod Mehta,20 September 2007 4290
Competition Commission Set Up:PROTECTING CONSUMER INTERESTS, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,13 September 2007 4970
Don’t Play Politics:CREATE MEGA BANKS, by Dr Vinod Mehta, 5 September 2007 4095
Birthpangs Of New Retail Order:NO STOPPING ORGANIZED SECTOR, Dr. Vinod Mehta, 30 August 2007 4250
Nourish Indian Brands:MNCS CROWD OUT DOMESTIC PLAYERS,Dr. Vinod Mehta,23 August 2007 4530
Agricultural Production:NEED TO INTENSIFY & DIVERSIFY,Dr. Vinod Mehta,14 August 2007 4167
The Economy At 60:MANY UNFULFILLED PROMISES, Dr. Vinod Mehta,9 August 2007 4140
Increasing Use of Fertilizers:LOOK AT CHEAPER & SAFER ALTERNATIVES,Dr. Vinod Mehta,2 August 2007 4126
Competitive Economy:INDIAN CONSUMER FINALLY BENEFITS, by Dr Vinod Mehta, 26 July 2007 4088
Appreciating Rupee:NO NEED TO PANIC, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 19 July 2007 4055
Scourge Of Child Labour:NEED TO RAISE JOBS, LITERACY LEVEL, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,12 July 2007 4122
Looking for Better Pay Scales:TRICKY PROBLEM FOR GOVERNMENT, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 5 July 2007 3973
Farmers’ Suicides:Can Contract Farming Stem the Rot?, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,28 June 2007 3998
India’s Turbulent Future:Managing Water Efficiently, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 14 June 2007 3808
PM’s Revival Package:Strategy for Agriculture Needed, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,8 June 2007 3786
Power Sector Woes:FOCUS ON ELECTRICITY THEFT, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,31 May 2007 3783
Eliminate Middleman:Changing Face of Retail Business,by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 24 May 2007 1 3968
Tackle Leakage Problem:Revamp Public Distribution System, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,17 May 2007 3894
India’s Neglected Goldmine:Tap World Market For Processed Food, by Dr Vinod Mehta,10 May 2007 3816
Rise Of Indian Economy:Entering Trillion Dollar Club, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,3 May 2007 3837
Keep Pace with Growth:REFORM ADMINISTRATION FOR RESULTS, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,19 April 2007 3738
Reserve Bank’s Role:Controlling Inflation Canadian Style, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 12 April 2007 4486
Remove Barriers:Indo-Pak Trade Should Grow,by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 5 April 2007 3785
Despite Reforms…:Small Sector Survives Competition, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 29 March 2007 3810
Economic Highlights:Open Market to Neighbouring Countries,by Dr. Vinod Mehta,22 March 2007 3814
Need To Revamp Set-Up:Farm Productivity Holds the Key, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,15 March 2007 3715
Social Sector Programmes:PUT Implementation ON WEBSITES,Dr. Vinod Mehta,8 March 2007 3784
Budget Tackles Larger Issues:Focus Shifts to Farm & Social Sectors, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 2 March 200 3770
Growth or Inflation?:PRICE RISE CAN’T BE CHECKED OVERNIGHT, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,22 February 2007 3905
Stick To Economic Logic:Blind Opposition will Slowdown Growth, Dr. Vinod Mehta,15 February 2007 3820
Emergence of Indian MNCs:RUSSIAN MARKET REMAINS UNTAPPED, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,8 February 2007 4012
Avoid Fiscal Contradictions:Separate Budget from Policy Measures, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 1 February 200 3774
Creating Mega Banks:FINANCE SECTOR NEEDS FASTER PACE, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,27 January 2007 3731
Rising Inflation:AGRICULTURE HOLDS THE KEY, by Dr. Vinod Mehta, 18 January 2007 3777
Tips For Next Budget:Action Needed on Three Fronts, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,11 January 2007 3689
Power Sector Needs Reforms, by Dr. Vinod Mehta,4 January 2007 3848
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