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INFA has the distinction of covering Indian Parliament for nearly five decades. The agency has also had an unrivalled insight into Parliament's functioning with its Editor having been a member of the Lok Sabha for two terms. Thus, one of INFA’s expertise lies in culling out the wheat from the chaff of parliamentary discourse: which includes Question Hour, Debates, Committee Reports, Legislative business and special policy matters concerning national and international affairs.

Indian Parliament meets three times a year and is a mind-field of important information for the common man, public and financial institutions and diplomatic missions. INFA Spotlight thus reports and analyses issues---political, financial, strategic, legislative and social for ready reference. It helps its clients understand the people's representatives better through pointed interveiws. The Spotlight is an instant touch base facility which provides important policy matters both departmentally and ministry-wise on your finger tips. 

INFA's Parliament Spotlight is not restricted merely to proceedings of Parliament but also gives the reader the inside story of what actually transpires behind the scenes viz passing of laws and policy decisions.    

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