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INFA service is provided by e-mail both in English and Hindi. The service comprises a column a day or 30 articles a month for the editorial page together with two to three exclusive off-beat news items. It also provides tailormade writeups on request from its clients, such as newspapers, government organisations, conglomerates etc. INFA  columns cover a wide spectrum and are written by acknowledged experts. These are released under seven titles each week:

Political Diary, a weekly column on national affairs with inside information and relevant background.

Round the World, analysis of international events as viewed from New Delhi.

Round the States, a weekly focus on the highlights of developments in the States together with the Union Government’s reactions to them.

Defence Notes, a fortnightly column analyzing the national defence policies and activities and international developments related to the country.

Economic Highlights, a weekly feature with analysis of the latest business and economic developments.

Open Forum, invites a cross-section of top leaders of various political parties to raise and debate topical issues of national or regional concern. 

Events and Issues, a commentary on major issues and happenings.

People and Their Problems, deals with a cross-section of basic and other issues concerning the common man.  

Parliament  gets special attention in view of its central role in a democracy through which the will of the people is expressed, laws passed and the Government held to account.

Spotlight,  Off-beat news items on issues such as environment, health, scientific developments etc

Special Article:  Analysis of current and controversial issues, both national and international.  


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