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INFA Digest has been specially designed to make life so much easier for all those interested in the latest developments in India --- political, economic, defence, social etc. Hereafter, they will not need to surf the websites of various leading newspapers across the country. One click of INFA Digest will provide you at any point of time all the information about various developments that deserve to be known. This information will be made available from information collected by INFA staffers and from news culled from leading newspapers and presented meaningfully on our website.  But, as we all know, news by itself is not enough. Equally important and, on occasions, even more important is news analysis and background, which is often taken for granted. I

 NFA Digest will provide analysis of major developments across the board by its experts. Additionally, the website will also provide analytical articles from leading newspapers and other print media which deserve to be noted. What is more, necessary background will be spotlighted to enable the surfers to understand the developments in the correct perspective. There would be little need thereafter to look elsewhere!

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