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India News and Feature Alliance (INFA) is India’s leading news and feature agency. An independent syndicate, it was founded on 14 November 1959 by Durga Das following his retirement as the Editor-in-Chief of the Hindustan Times 

For over half a century, INFA has been crusading to strengthen India’s young democracy at the grassroots through a better-informed public opinion. It has endeavoured to achieve this by providing a daily service of articles on topical issues by leading experts giving background, inside information and in-depth analysis.

INFA service comprises daily columns, exclusive off-beat news items, backgrounders and special features.  Also provided are news items of different interest, both domestic and foreign, parliamentary service, INFA Digest as well as Dossiers on request. It also has a Publication Division, wherein important books are brought out annually.  

INFA is functioning from New Delhi. It is owned by Durga Das Private Ltd. 

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